My favorite pictures


Green Magpie
Gagak Gunung at Jelai Resort, Fraser’s Hill

Fire-tuff Barbet at Ftser's Hill

Scally-breasted Munia
Munia at my backyard

125825588.Y1Hag3sd.Iora_FlowersCommon Iora - Nestling121604856.Y7QAw7th.LeafBird800a118570593.qnPkcd1r.Bug

Green Magpie
at Jelai Resort Fraser’s Hill – Malaysia

Boat at Taman Negara, Pahang Malaysia

Little Egret (Egretta garzetta)
Local naame: Bangau Kecil Size (cm): 61

BugBeeEater112216370.iJQ0ICUZ.BayaLeaf3111073659.hvJs9A8e.WhiteheadedMuniaGrassSatu Petang di Raub161323100.BbjlRi7i.StockBill3Satu Petang di RaubGilaBungaKertasHornBillMustard_Garden_Nashitah

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