Male Brown-throated Sunbird “robbing nectar” – “merompak madu”

Male Brown-throated Sunbird foraging at Bunga Raya – Hibiscus flower.
Probing and punctuated the base of hibiscus flower   “robbing nectar” – “merompak madu”
[“Nectar robbers” usually feed from holes bitten in flowers, rather than by entering through the flowers’ natural openings”.
[“Nectar is a sugar-rich liquid produced by plants in glands called nectaries”.]
-from Wikipedia]
Brown-throated Sun bird -maleFrom my observation at my backyard, and browsing at the internet, the one that probing at the receptacle /calyx of the flowers is always a MALE.
(if anybody found the female species doing this, please show me the link)

The female sucks a nectar at the center, inside the petals /base of staminal tube.

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