Burung Biasa di Belakang Rumah – Common Backyard Birds

Murai Kampung – Oriental Magpie Robin – Juvenile (above), and adult male perched on a Guava tree branches

Yellow Vented Bulbul – flying away from a car’s side mirror and a Papaya tree

Common Iora singing on a Mangoo Tree

Pipit Pinang – Scaly-breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata) – Juvenile (above on a parameter fence). Adult below

Eating a Guinea Grass / Buffalo grass (Panicum maximum) seeds

Spiderhunter search for nectar on a Banana Flower

Asian Glossy Starling dancing on a banana leaf midrib

Tailor Bird stalking on a Mangoo leaf

Terkukur’  Spotted Dove (Stigmatopelia chinensis)

Water Hen

Dragonfly on a Tridax Daisy / Coatbuttons  flower, and the Photographer who captured the above pics


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