Birding in North East Monsoon Rain

November to March is a raining season  in Malaysia,  especially those in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Heavy rain not yet affected here in Raub  (located in the center Malay Peninsular), but light rain in the evening becomes a norm now.
That doesn’t prevent me from taking a bird picture.
The picture below shows the characteristic of a tapioca leaves, water repellent in the light  drizzling rain.

Rain drops shine under a flashlight

Yellow-vented Bulbul flew away from a durian tree

A  juvenile Bulbul caught under the rain on my neighbor’s Pokok Longan

Grey Wagtail (Motacilla cinerea) search for food in a monsoon drain

then flew onto a rooftop to dry it self

Barn Swallow still tough it out catching an insect

Grey overcast sky


A flock of juvenile Asian Glossy Starling does a fly pass, searching for dry shelter


Zebra Dove on a papaya stalk in the rain

Javan Myna in the rain

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