Birding and Flood

Can’t go back to my home town (Temerloh) because of flood. Nothing to do, so took out my camera for quick birding in my backyard.
. Edit:  after searching the net, I found the flower name:  Zigzag plant, local name ‘Pokok Lipan’  scientific name: Euphorbia tithymaloides. Source: Wikipedia

Male Brownthroated Sunbird sucking nectar at Zigzag flowers

yesterday pic at Temerloh (pic from Info-Terkini-Banjir-Malaysia)

Severe Flood at Temerloh town

the pic below was taken in 2011, flood at the Raub Golf Course

flash flood at Golf Course

Cloudy, overcast with occasional drizzling at Raub

weather forecast at Raub town

Brown-throated Sunbird is flying  at a Zigzag plant

Birding during flood -Sunbird

I have been observing this ‘Kedidi Kepala Kelabu’ aka Grey Wagtail (Motacilla cinerea)  playing around the monsoon drain  for some time. Only today that have a chance to photograph it

Burung Kedidi onget-onget

A pair of ‘Terkukur’  Spotted Dove (Stigmatopelia chinensis), resting at an electric cable

Terkukur dua sejoli

NEW Pictures added: Finally, I was able to go back to Temerloh the flood stricken town via old Lancang road.
This picture was taken on Monday evening at Taman Awam Kubang Gajah, Surau Bukit Angin, near the Pahang river bridges

Severe Bad Flood at Bukit Angin Temerloh - Banjir besar di Temerloh


Flood at Taman Awam Temerloh - Banjir besar di Taman AWam Kubang Gajah Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia


Flood at Temerloh Bridge


Banjir di Surau Bukit Angin temerloh



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