Streaked Wren-Babbler at Gunung Ulu Kali

My first time photographing birds at Gunung Ulu Kali, Genting Highland.
This Streaked Wren-Babbler was one of my 4 lifer found there.
Now I know why Madibider can get a macro shot of this species. They are so used to photographer at that Radar Station perimeter fence, and we can approach it to a few feet, and can even photograph it with a hand-phone. Here it playing around with  Sphagnum moss.

 Streaked Wren-Babbler at Gunung Ulu Kali

When I arrived up there at 7.30am, there were already 3 photographers, One waiting for Snow-browed Flycatcher and Niltava family at second Telekom tower and 2 at the far end of the fence waiting for Mountain Leaf-Warbler . So, I just introduce myself and join them.
By the time I was getting home at 1pm, there are at least eight cars up there.

Thanks to Madibirder for direction and detail map of that area.

Telekom Tower at Gunung Ulu Kali

Location: Gunung Ulu Kali, Genting Highland, Pahang.


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