Bangau Kerbau Terbang – Cattle Egret in flight

This flock of Egret flew past the Raub Golf Course, along the valley and Sempam river, sharp at 7.30am for the past few weeks. The show continues for about 20 minutes.
The 400mm lens hand held is ideal for this predictable flight path. The sun was supposed to be at my back, but not appear until 9am. Sigh!

Location: Padang Golf Raub, Pahang.


  1. Oh wow Tabib what an amazing photograph of the egrets. We have them here, but I have not seen anything in the group like that.Tabib, happy holiday season. Wishing you all the best in the New Year 2011, a year filled with love and peace, good health, and lots of happiness.Anna 🙂

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