Ordinary bird and Banana

I have not posting anything for quite sometime.
No new bird, but this common Yellow-vented Bulbul and banana.
Yellow-vented BulbulOrdinary bird and Banana

Yellow-vented Bulbul singing

Bulbul singing

Location: My backyard, Raub, Pahang.



  1. I have seen banana half eaten by birds before, but never actually seeing them in action. Beautiful shots!…. Where I came from, that banana is known as pisang abu. It gets that name probably due to black dots all over almost like ashes…. abu.~bangchik

  2. Nice shots Tabib and it looks like your birds are undergoing moult as many of ours are now. Are those the delicious red bananas of Malaysia?

  3. Hi Tabib I wondered where you had been. Funnily enough I had an adult and fledgling Bulbul in the garden recently, the adult was feeding the baby some berries from a vine. Couldn't get any decent shots though!Great shots from you.

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