Duck – Khaki Campbell

While the current hot topic at NaturePixels bird forum now is about rare winter migrant – the Masked Finfoot. I got this ‘rare’ visitor at my front-yard.

This duck somehow lost or trapped in between my front-yard’s fence and the monsoon drain.
None of my neighbors owns or rear the duck, so this bird must be from further up and probably carried away by overflowing river the night before.
It is not a wild duck because it looks tame and didn’t fly when I approached with a camera.
I try to get the species name to this duck, can’t find the specific that resemble the feather pattern. I closest that I get is Khaki Campbell, probably juvenile judging from incomplete feathers of the wings.

Malaysia Domestic Duck - Khaki Campbell Duck

The picture above was taken at 8:34am under very low morning lighting.
The duck was still there until 7.00pm, and the picture below was taken at 3.11pm.

Itik Khaki Campbell

Not the best exposure here. The above white at the neck and yellow at vegetation were over exposed.


  1. I used to breed these ducks for the eggs this is a female in molt, they will lay 300 to 320 eggs per year. its quite a new species I believe about 1900. the males are very much like the mallard. and more recently anew species has been developed 1970s the Welsh harlequin these are much more like the runners. in posture but another excellent layer.

  2. …he has a beautiful eye…a good surprise to find in your yard! …and I love all the green. It looks so warm and lush. I can only dream about that now as we are in a deep freeze!

  3. Thanks ALL for your comments.The 1st pic was shot from behind the fence, and the second was no obstruction, all full frame without croping.and to Tony Nile thanks for specific ID – \”Khaki Campbell Female in Molt\”.Ann, your is a female Mallard duck with babies!.Kelly, come over to Malaysia to enjoy all the sunshine. 😉

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