Fraser’s Hill – Silver-eared Mesia Behavior

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Continue the rambling about my outing at Fraser’s Hill last Sunday.
After the beautiful Green Magpie left, a small flock of Silver-Eared Mesia entertained me with their antic feeding behavior.

Fraser's Hill

This male Silver-Eared Mesia landed with something on his mouth…
Silver-eared Mesia BehaviorThe female also likes to have some…
Silver-eared Mesia Behaviorhere the close-up of the food in his beak…
Silver Mesia FeedingThe female became angry when the male swallowed the food without sharing…

Silver-eared Mesia Behavior
you stingy!

Silver-eared Mesia BehaviorShe pulled his feather really hard…
Silver-eared Mesia BehaviorNext time you better give me…
Silver-eared Mesia BehaviorAt 9.00am the birds activity at the resort became less, so I went to Jeriau Waterfall to find the Red-headed Trogon. It was regularly spotted at that location. My eyes were constantly scanning the tree for any movement and for any red or orange colour , but none to be found.
Jeriau Fall at Fraser's Hillinstead I only got this red wild fruits…
Red Wild Fruitsand this yellow berries…
Yellow Wild FruitsFinally I took a rest at this cool and relaxing waterfall.
I am not complaining, there will always be a next visit. I went home at 12.00pm, tired but very happy for that green lifer.

Jeriau water Fall

This posting was included in I & The Bird # 112, by Thomas S Anand.


  1. Another delightful, beautiful look at your world, Tabib! Your captures are marvelous and I do LOVE the waterfall!Have a great week!Sylvia

  2. Wow this is just amazing! These birds are fantastic and you got so many nice pictures of them… Wonderful! Well done tabib.

  3. beautiful photos! How lucky you are to live in a place with such colorful birds! Even the berries are colorful! How tranquil the last scene looks!Missouri primrose, sundrops, evening primrose–all the same thing. Evening primrose oil contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which people use for a variety of ailments.

  4. your post is amazing as always…so liked the interaction you captured between the male and female birds..cute.that waterfall is quite lovely too.

  5. I love this – the Silver-Eared Mesia is beautiful and your story made me laugh. Wonderful close-ups of the birds.

  6. Very nice set! Great shots of beautiful birds and the last one is awesome :)Thanks for stopping by my place and for congratulate me with my new lens.

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