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I went for half day bird photography at Kemensah, Selangor with Madibirder, Ilyas and ZZlalog last Sunday.
Arrived at Zoo Negara front gate at 7.00am, and met Madi there. After a breakfast of roti canai telor (prata bread with egg) , we went straight to Pasun trail.
Here are a few pictures for my record.

National Zoo @ 7.00am
Zoo Negara @ 7.00amAsian Brown Flycatcher
Asian Brown FlycatcherTiger Shrike

Rufous WoodpeckerRufous Woodpecker

Rufous Woodpeckers

Raffles's Malkoha FemaleRaffles’s Malkoha – female (above)
Raffles's Malkoha Malemale



Blue-tail Bee-eater and Whiskered Treeswift

Everett’s White-eye

Everett's White-eyeAll kind of Bulbuls

Black-Headed BulbulBlack-headed bulbul
Black-Headed BulbulStripe-throated Bulbul
Stripe-throated BulbulBuff-vented Bulbul
Buff-vented BulbulRed-eyed Bulbul
Red-eyed BulbulKemensah Forest – Pusu trail
Kemensah Forest Trail

Ha.., here are the birders / bird photographers -‘Penembak burung
Penembak BurungZZlalog with his Russian made Tair-33 300mm manual focus lens. Very unusual focusing knob/wheel below the lens. I respect him for using that.
BirderIlyas eyes wide open – searching for any movement of the leaves.
Kaki BurungThis was my 2nd LIFER that day – GREEN IORA (Aegithina viridissima)
Sorry, for poor quality of this picture. We were not so lucky to have a very few lifer. Never mind, there is always a next trip.
Green IoraThis elevation profile shows 12.1km distance travelled. The actual birding distance covered was less than that, maybe 6 km.
Elevation profileThe map of Kemensah Forest reserve and the surrounding area.
Kemensah Trails


  1. you had a very good day with all your captures… like the tail plummage on the Raffles's Malkoha and mottled belly on the woodpecker…and that blue tail bee eater and whiskered treeswift are stunning birds.thanks as always for sharing your beautiful bird captures.

  2. That National Zoo was just our rendezvous point. Where got thrill shooting inside there! ;)We went into the forest reserve five km from that zoo.

  3. Eki, Zoo Negara is a National Zoo. The birding site that we went on Sunday situated not far from the zoo.ZZlaloq, never mind missing some. I also missed what Madi captured. Ok, next trip – Operation Trogon, Operation Fraser's Hill or Operation Waders. Just e-mail me. 😉

  4. Hi Tabib,Wow you got a great days with two lifers and many shots of many species. It is probably fabulous to live in such an area when one love nature and birds! Thanks for sharing.

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