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Raya GatheringBefore the Hari Raya gathering above, I made a quick 2 hours birding trip at the back of Sek. Keb. Kampung Tengah, Temerloh. Wake up early and started walking at 7.00am

BusStopThe usual back lane gate that I frequent was closed..
School GateBecause of this new building construction. This two Indonesian workers have to work even on 2nd Raya Holiday.
Construction workersI have to take another route in front of the school, and welcome by this yellow carpet of fallen angsana flowers.
GetahPokok Getah

A short walk later I reached the Rubber Estate with row of rubber trees. Look like nobody taping it for the past few days.

and noticed the water bottle was cut and used as latex collection pot. Good recycling..

My objective of birding that day was met by a close encounter with this beautiful Banded Woodpecker (Picus miniaceus)


Woodpeckerand I was very lucky to witness this natural phenomena – woodpecker mating.
Here, the male jumped on her back…
Shooting Date/Time 22/09/2009 7:26:36am


quickly followed by cloacal contact…
Mating it was all over in less than 8 seconds.
Shooting Date/Time 22/09/2009 7:26:44am

Copulation“Hey!.. You, Peeping Tom, why you are looking at us”
MatingOk, we finished doing it, let make a home for our baby…

Woodpecker at work

and they made their home on dead tree. Both of them take turns digging the hole.

Working together

hard at workafter that woodpecker flew away, I saw this small flock of Black-headed Bulbul(Pycnonotus atriceps) at lifeless tree.

Flock of Black-headed BulbulWhen I tried to have a better look, it flew away.
Bulbul flew awayexcept for this one which keep on singing…

Black-headed Bulbul

On my way back, I noticed this Red Grasshawk Dragonfly- (Neurothemis fluctuans) soaking in the morning sun.
Dragonflyand this Warps (Vespa affinis) was having it breakfast on Straits Rhododendron flowers (Melastoma malabathricum).
Bunga Senuduk

This the track log that I upload from GPS 60SCx to google earth.

and here the elevation profile and distance covered (on the upper part of  the track).

I warn you NOT to click this Read more button!

My head always looks up for birds that I nearly stomped on this animal waste. You have been warned. (Please forgive me if any of you feel offended by this picture).
Animal productand this dead chick – look like Common Iora
Dead Bird

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  1. Lovely woodpeckers, and an interesting post. Will the construction interfere with the habitat very much?

  2. You live absolutely in a marvellous country and have the chance to make fantastic observations in nature! Your photos are unique and splendid! Have a beautiful day,

  3. Very good paparazzi work again, Tabib! I missed Black-headed Bulbul when I was there. But I saw Red Grasshawk Dragonfly at S'pore and got a neat pic to prove it. At what ISO have you shot the bulbul shots? Do you ever shoot at 100 ISO? Or do you leave it 'Auoto'?

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