Wild Pink Flowers – Pokok Pepulut

The pink flower is like a small Hibiscus, in fact it is in the same ‘Malvaceae’ family.

Wild Pink Flower
Caesar’s Weed (Urena lobata) – Local Name: Kelulut, Pepulut

Wild Pink Flower

Urena lobata

That small brown fruit has a little spike that will stick to your cloth if you pass through this plant. So that’s why Malay named it ‘Pepulut‘, meaning sticky like a glutinous rice.

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  1. Such a fascinating name for this delicate little flower and two very beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing them with Today's Flowers.

  2. Hate this weed so much when I was a kid. The spiky fruits will stick to my football stockings during my daily evening games. It will take quite a while to remove hundreds of those minute size pepuluts fruits the next day. Gotto remove those by hand, no man made machine was made until today for this job. LOL.

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