Manggis and Juvenile Sunbird


Juvenile Sunbird by Redzlan A.R

I saw this juvenile Brown-throated Sunbird foraging at the Mangoesteen tree at my backyard.

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Bunga Manggis
Bunga manggis by Redzlan A.RMangoesteen (Garcinia Mangostana)

Manggis Muda by Redzlan A.RYoung Mangoesteen

Manggis masak by Yosri wikipediaRipe manggis (from Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu)


  1. Yes Amila, another attempted from being diagnose as Acute Paucity of Bird Posts Syndrome (APOBPS). Ha.ha..;-) To ALL, thanks for your comments.

  2. A sunbird came to your place. How nice! This is the first time I have ever seen a mangosteen flower. This picture is precious. Of course this bird is perfect for Today's Flowers post. Afterall, flowers are beautiful not only to attract bees and butterflies, they also attract birds, e.g. the honeysuckle and bottle brush flowers.

  3. So the top part of the manggis was once the flower petals! Since you have a manggis tree in your backyard, can I come for a visit ? The bird is gorgeous!

  4. Lovely close-up of the Sunbird!! In the last photo…I love how a flower shape is imprinted in the skin/shell of the manggis…very cool.

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