Sarang Tebuan – Nest of Vespa affinis

Sarang Tebuan

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I was searching for birds at the back lane of Jalan Tan Tiong one Sunday evening.
There used to be a busy road that leads to the Police Flat, but now that building is now abandoned and the road became narrow overgrown with lalang and tall grass.

Abandon Police Flat

When I arrived, where was not a single bird around. I was not surprised because at 1:30pm, all the birds went into hiding from the noon heat.
Than I noticed a heat of insect activity on the second floor of that building. There you are, one big wasps nest and so many of that bugs flying around.

Sarang Tebuan

Slowly I inched forward and observed, none of the wasp tried to chased me. They just do their normal activity, building the nest. I braved myself and went closer to about 20 feet and got this few pictures.

Lesser banded hornet (Vespa affinis)

Sarang Tebuan
More info about this species at here.

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  1. Tabib, this is a great shot. The nest look like the masterpiece of a clay artist. I like the wavy pattern and the colour texture of the nest. You have managed to get a clear image of the wasps. I am very scared of wasps.

  2. What fantastic shots, Tabib! And that is one BIG wasp nest! I love being able to see it up close! The texture and colors are marvelous! And great shots of the wasps as well! And in a picture is the only way I want to see them this close!!!Have a great week!Sylvia

  3. Amat bahaya tebuan ni…Saya pernah disengat masa tu musim buah langsat.Tebuan suka mengurung buah lansat yang gugur.Entah macam mana tiba KENA sengat.10 x lebih sakit dari sengat lebah.Itu baru sekor saja.Pergi kelinik Kesihatan Benta, Dr cucuk baru reda sikit sakitnya.

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