Anak Murai Makan

Male Magpie Robin – Juvenile
uvenile Magpie Robin - Anak Murai
During this fasting month, no long distance birding/photography outing for me. So, the backyard birding for common bird is the only way. I went home at 5.00pm and saw this juvenile magpie foraging on leftover at a drain close to my car-park. It was still there when I took a camera and ready to posed for me. All this pictures are full frame, with slight croped for vertical posture above. I think being juvenile this bird still don’t know the danger, or it may see me as a familiar friendly face.
Juvenile Magpie Robin - Anak Murai
Oriental Magpie Robin (Copsychus saularis) ~ male juvenile feeding


  1. Lois was right, the pose does look like Heidi Klum posing at the end of the cat walk platform just before she turn away toward back stage.Lot of details, great shots.

  2. salam uncle.Nice shot of this magpie.Do visit my blog at p/s: belom post ape ape lagi

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