SkyWatch Friday at my birding spot

Sky Watch LogoThe weather is not so good, haze for the last few weeks, so sorry for no blue sky here.

Female SunBird
Sunbird landing on fruiting tree
Raub's Golf Club
“Please replace divots” at the Raub Golf Course

? Baya Waever
Baya Weaver diving from Bamboo tree

One of few surviving Baya Waever’s nests
Baya Waever Nest

I can’t resist posting this non-sky watch and not-a-bird photo here. 😉

Golfer taking a swing

Nice swing!, can you spot the golf ball?
Sky Watch Logo

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  1. Marvelous shots! Love the weaver nests and the beautiful birds as well as the lovely skies! And, yes, I did spot the golf ball!Have a great weekend, Tabib!Sylvia

  2. I love the Sunbird landing on a tree, perfect timing and good compo. Other pictures are good as well. Today the sky look a bit clear, I can see blue sky over here..

  3. The dive is lovely and terrefic. By the way, I do keep and hang a weaver nest in my garden. Don't know when one of the Baya Weaver will visit my place, other than the daily visitors, the sparrows, swords, mynach, and crows..

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