SkyWatch Friday – Baya Weaver nests site

Baya weaver nest is built in trees near fresh water and open ground with plenty of nesting material, long grass at this durian orchard.
It hangs from a far end of a branch, probably to evade the predator such as snakes and squirl , but that exposes them to the biggest predator of all – HUMAN!

Road at Bayaweaver nest

I took this picture with the Handphone camera on April 24. When I visited that site again last weekend, all the nest was gone.

Baya Waever Nest
Baya Weaver’s nest

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  1. oh…so sad that they nests were destroyed. how many eggs does the baya weaver usually hatch? and is the bird population dwindling?as always, enjoy visiting.have a great weekend

  2. I saw your post yesterday and could not believe that this could happen. I hope that your work will raise the awareness of the people in your area.

  3. Your pictures are great, but that is so sad!! I do hope your posts will help make people more aware of the problem! Thanks for all you do to raise awareness!

  4. This have been going on for years.I found and old articles from Star On-line in 2003, about the same predicament.Although the bird are not threatened and in \”Least Concern (LC)\” at an IUCN category, we should not harm the birds and chicks.

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