Bird Photography with Camera Phone

I hope you can see the green bird here. This bird did not move when I parked my car near the cherry tree. With only hand phone camera in my pocket, this is the best that I can get.

Barbet at Cherry tree


  1. So lush and green. The bird was so well camouflaged it took me a minute to find him but then it is late and I am very tired, my concentration is at a low ebb 🙂 Great camera phone shot!

  2. Oh…I see him! At first I didn't, then he just popped into view. Lovely…I couldn't imagine seeing something that exotic just perching in a tree…gorgeous.

  3. Hahaha! Great effort Tabib. A friend of mine improvised & managed to digiscope a nesting Besra last year with a handphone & it was beautiful! Well, what can I say?? guys like you makes things happen!Congrats!

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