DIY – Butterfly Bean Bag

While Photographing Stork-billed Kingfisher with Mr.Tean at the fish farm last month, I noted Tean using a bean bag, and put it on his car’s window to support the telephoto lens. His brother bought it for him in Johor.
I search the internet for such bean bag and found this ‘BAA BLUBB‘ bean bag at Arthur Morris Birds as Art site. The problem is COST. One BLUBB will cost you $100 (RM350) (shipped empty, no beans included). I will not pay that much for a piece of cloth. So, I search again for the DIY beanbag and I found this site, by Fred Hurteau.
With my wife old long dress and my limiting sewing skill added with four kilos of green bean, I managed to complete the project in two hours. (that’s including reading the sewing machine manual!).

DIY Telephoto Bean Bag

It took me a few minutes to understand the layout, especially the step 5 and 6 where you have to fold the four corners and make it like a tight bunch.

DIY Telephoto Bean Bag
DIY Bean Bag

Telephoto Bean Bag DIY

The final cost only RM18.00 (about US5.00), that the cost for 4 kilo of green bean.
Telephoto Bean Bag DIY


  1. -quote-\”Hi,It came to my attention that your blog is popular! Are you aware of this? Let me explain… as I was googleing around Your blog came up top 10 under the keyword birds. This is pretty good and you could be making a lot of money through your blog.Check this\”-unquote-Hi Hasyimi, that is only marketing ploy. My blog never reach that level.It is not my intention to make money from this.I will remove that William James Denver comment after this.Hi Yen!, I'm not a good tailor. Struggling to sewed it in two hours.You can print the instruction and bring the layout to your regular tailor. I'm sure it will not cost you RM 350.

  2. Doc,I was not serious when I asked you to make me one; besides, I don't even have sewing machine. Besides, yoy have already shared with you where to obtain the manual.Have a great and productve week ahead.

  3. …very nice. You did a great job creating the bean bag stabilizer. It will be very useful. (And what a beautiful camera you have!) I don't know how to sew, but I think I should try…

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