Baya Weaver Courtship Display or Nesting Competition

I photographed this two Baya Weavers few days ago at the usual nesting area – Raub Golf course.
This two birds are female and chasing each other. Could this a female rivalry, due to polygamous male?
Baya Weaver Courtship Baya Weaver Courtship

Baya Weaver CourtshipBaya Weaver Courtship


  1. Those nests fascinate me. I have seen them on a favorite nature show. I also have a DVD of exotic birds, and they showed a whole segment on weavers. Nature is certainly stunning and so are your photographs. Thank you!

  2. There\’s a lot of competition in our area too right now. Birds are chasing each other all over the place, fighting, trying to attract mates. The backyard\’s turning into a sleazy bar at closing time! *L*

  3. I really like these photos. The weaver birds are social animals I guess. Sure makes an interesting photograph.

  4. expert nampak dalam hal polygamous male nih ……the females\’squabbles got captured in the lens … hmmm …accidently? ke ada orang sedang mencari ilham dari alam?hahaha!!! ampunGGGG tok moh! lamo den tak nyakat. anak daro den dah pindah ke Kuantan dan den pun pencen dah dari menoreh kertas bebudak spm tu … payah dah den nak nyakat dr. \”happy workers day\”

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