Baya Weaver Singing

I did not feel boring watching the Baya Waver building his nest. So, I been going to that site almost everyday. Sometime I got a good pictures, sometime I just watch their behaviour.

Male Baya Weaver singing
Male Baya Weaver singingThis male Baya Weaver singing and dancing by flipping his wings to attract the female to his nest.
Baya Weaver at NestMale Baya Weaver on Nest

Checking the nest and wait for his partner to come…

Female Baya WeaverHere the female BayaWeaver

Baya Weaver male singing
The same singing male that I posted on 16 April


  1. Hi Tabib,This is just an incredible set of pictures, with both sexes and the nest, which has a very peculiar shape. Are thye building the nest together or is it only the male???Fantastic shots and set of pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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