Baya Weaver at work

I have read a note that mention the ‘female liberation’ in animal world, where only male bird involved in the nest weaving and do the house keeping. This pictures below tell otherwise.
The female species actively involved in the nest making, right from the beginning.

Female Baya Weaver weaving the nest
Female Baya Weaver weaving the nest
Female Baya Weaver weaving the nest

Baya Weaving weaving
close-up view
Male Baya Weaver at nest
Male Weaver initially build the partially complete nest to attract female.

Male Baya Weaver“Once a female chooses to mate with him, he might finish the nest. But often, the female completes the nest. When the female lays and is preoccupied with incubating the eggs, the male abandons her and immediately uses his other half-finished nests to woo a new female” (from:

Baya Weaver pair at nestfemale inside the nest while the male working outside.
Baya Weaver at the nestactually they work together, before the polygynous male attend to other nests.
Baya Weaver entering the nestfemale entering the tunnel of complete nest.

Birding GearsThe red arrow is where the nest located, and I position my camera gear across the road, about 15 meters away. I hide behind the tall grass and control the camera by Phottix Cleon Wireless Remote.


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