Baya Weaver – Ciak tempua

I went again in search for the Baya Weaver on Monday morning at 7:15am. There you are, so many of them flying in flock. This male and female were not far from their nest. I wanted to photograph this bird at the nest. I give up after 45 minutes, and time for work.
(this is the problems of hobby-time constrain, and I have to work to support this expensive hobby! ;))

Ciak Tempua Baya Weaver maleHandsome male in breeding plumage – sporting the yellow crown.

Baya Weaver preening
I caught this funny looking male preening or biting his toe /nail
Baya Weaver (Ploceus philippinus), male (above) and female (below)

Baya Weaver - female
Baya Weaver - female

I will post this bird at their nest tomorrow.


  1. their little black cheeks are sooooo cute! and with the fluffy yellow crown.Looking forward to the nest photos!Dale

  2. What a beautiful bird with its bright yellow topping. Interesting nest in the post below. I\’ve never seen any nest like that.

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