Baya Weaver Nest – Sarang Ciak Tempua

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I found this still incomplete Baya Weaver nest just out side the Raub’s Golf course one Sunday evening.
I waited for a half and hour for the birds, but non came in to the nest. It start to rain and I have to find it the next time.

Sarang Ciak Tempua Baya Weaver Nest
Freshly built nest – note the green colour outside the dry layers.
Sarang Ciak Tempua Baya Weaver NestSarang Ciak Tempua Baya Weaver Nest

Baya Weaver’s nests at various stages. The one at the left is nearly complete with entering tunnel.
Sarang Ciak Tempua Baya Weaver Nest

Sarang Ciak Tempua Baya Weaver NestThis one hanging from the bamboo stalk, precariously and very near the laterite road that lead to Durian orchard. Lucky this road is very quite and only use by the orchard workers that didn’t bother with the nest.

Ciak Tempua Baya Weaver (Ploceus philippinus) Baya Weaver (Ploceus philippinus) – female

I photograph this last year (Original Date/Time = 2008:11:23 09:18:49)

For the next few days, I will post much more better quality pics than this.


  1. hi Tabib, those weaver nests are interesting – rather messy compared to most of the African species I know. The nest opening direction and the length of the nests also seem to be rather variable – is that normal? or are the various nests mostly practice nests (and from young males) and that the final nests are mostly more uniform or neat?I would love to hear your insightHappy birdingDale

  2. Hi Dale!,Thanks for a visit.The pictures that I posted are of incomplete nests, so they have variable opening and length.When competed the Baya Weaver here have a nest that look like an upside down flask with long neat entering tube/tunnel. I will post more picture later.Stay tune! 😉

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