Teratai, Lotus Flowers

It started to rain when I found my only lifer (Purple Heron) during Maulidul Rasul Holiday. I have to take shelter at ‘pondok‘ (hut) at Taman Rekreasi Raub (Recreation Garden). This is what I got while waiting for rain to stop. All with 400mm telephoto.

Teratai, Lotus FlowersNelumbo nucifera (Gaertn.)

Teratai, Lotus Flowers
Teratai, Lotus Flowers
Teratai, Lotus Flowers
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  1. Just another 8 weeks and we will start getting our water lillies! I can\’t wait.I didn\’t answer your question from my Rockport post. I did not use a polarizer. I had the sun to my back and took advantabe of the natural polarizing effect.

  2. Beautiful lotus flowers! I like the bright colors and sharp focus of your photos. Btw, your first comment link is up on my blog. Thank you, Redzlan :).

  3. I love these lotus photos!! The colours are so vivid, and the quality of the images so good!!I have looked at all the bird photos, too, as that is your main interest, but all I can say is they are pretty, and I have never heard of any of them.

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