"wheat-sower" from Japan – Mugimaki Flycatcher – That’s my World!

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My Lifer – Sunday shooting at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. I joined the bird photographers from Penang and Singapore. Meet all the familiar online names (TSChein, Alagan, Adrian Lim, et all). They are all veteran and experience bird photographers with big lenses aka bazookas (meaning 500, 600 & 800mm).
It was really fun shooting this little beauty. We stand waiting in the middle of the road, with those big lenses and tripod for the bird to perch at the lower clean branches, just outside the road’s steel barrier. All the cameras already set and prefocus . While waiting we have a chat and look at the bird reference book. Suddenly somebody whispering “there, there Mugimaki!!”. Rap-tap-tap-tap, the sound of cameras with 10fps rattling in unison with flash blazing. Surprisingly the bird just stands still posing for us, for a few seconds, so that everybody has enough full framed portrait to bring home, (and to show off at the birds forum). 😉

Few of bird photographers – pictures with Nokia N70.
Left: Sree and Chien (and Alagan big 800mm). Right: Adrian (in green shirt), Low (Dominator) and Reno. Can you see Adrian’s Porche sport rim there! 😉

Mugimaki FlycatcherMugimaki Flycatcher (Ficedula mugimaki)

Mugimaki FlycatcherMugimaki FlycatcherAll my images are just for my record, croped (not full frame) and not sharp enough, not worth posting at birds forum. 😉


  1. if i am there,i would feel like privateer(prebet) amongst the generals (500-800mm) with my 300mm cheapo lens.. 1st pic is sharp and full frame too..

  2. I think that little dude is enjoying the attention. Perhaps he\’s considering a career change to catwalk model!

  3. I didn\’t know that birding enthusiasts also lug around bazooka paparazi lens with them! Sound like an interesting outing.The 1st pic of the Mugimaki Flycatcher looks really good, Tabib!Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog.

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