My small contribution to Muzium Alam Semulajadi Malaysia

A few of my bird pictures from this blog, maybe display in Malaysia Natural History Museum.
Muzium Alam Semulajadi, located at Prestint 15 Putrajaya will be open to public on 1st November 2009 . Now the museum staff and curators are busy collection specimens, document etc. .
Of all the countries in the Asian region, only Malaysia and Laos are without these facilities, so the government planned this in 2006 and commissioned the United Nations Development Program (Project Steering Committee) to study the project. Their report and recommendation is here.

Official Letter from MuseumLetter from Natural History MuseumBirds Collage
The curators of Malaysia Natural History Museum, visited me on Tuesday to collect the above picture files. I submitted 24 big files in uncompressed tiff to her, that 7+ GB of data!. I make no money from this, as this is a non-profit an educational and for conservation purpose. I still maintain the copyright holder to those pictures.

Yours truly and museum curators.


  1. Congratulations Tabib on your work being accepted by the Museum. That must feel really nice. Keep on taking those great pictures to show the beauty of the world.

  2. Assalamualaikum. Gambar yang sangat menarik. Sekadar bertanya, kenal tak dengan Encik Allen Jeyarasingam? Ahli Kelab Pencinta Alam, pencinta burung, dan seorang guru.

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