Blue Sky over Raub – SkyWatch Friday

These three pictures are from my archive. A typical afternoon at my hometown – Raub Malaysia, taken in April 2007.
Bright sky with cumulus cloud, but you rarely see it this month – rain every evening that prevent me from taking good birds photograph.

Raub skyline Raub's Multi purpose building

View from Jublee Hill RaubHabiscus Malaysia National FlowerThe top pic is a view of Raub’s Padang (field) and Multipurpose Building.
The left is a hill view of field from Raub’s District Officer Residence.
The red flower is ‘Bunga Raya’, Malaysia National Flower-
(Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis).
[his is also State flower of Hawaii]

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  1. Love to see summer-photos as it\’s cold winter here in Norway now. You live in a nice plase:) Nice photo as well!

  2. Really lovley post, beautiful shots of the sky, the red roofs and the beautiful flower. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend, Tabib!

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