Birding at Graveyard during Maal Hijrah Holiday

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This two species of Malkohas were my LIFER. Caught it digitally during Maal Hijrah holiday, at a graveyard!

Raffles’s Malkoha (Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus) – female

Black-bellied Malkoha (Phaenicophaeus diardi)

Kampung Sempam GraveyardKampung Sempam Graveyard.


  1. Congrats!I enjoyed seeing both of these when I was there. Great pics!Did you know that \”Malkoha\” is a name of Sinhala – Sri Lankan origin? \”Mal\” means flower and \”Koha\” means Cuckoo/Koel in Sinhala!It was first used to refer to a Sri Lankan endemic, Red-faced Malkoha Phaenicopheaus pyrrocephalus. This canopy-dweller was first collected by Joan Gideon Loten – the Ducth govenor of maritime provinces of Sri Lanka from 1752-1757, who pioneered Ornithological studies in Sri Lanka. After collecting it and other birds and natural history, he noted their weights, dimensions and local names, Loten commissioned a Sinhalese artist with Dutch origins named Pieter Cornelius de Bevere to illustrate them. As preserving specimens/skins were not well developed those days, naturalists in other parts of the world, most in Britain started naming these \’collections\’ based on Loten\’s/de Bevere\’s iconotypes when Loten retired in Britain ( after disagreements with the VOC over \’some payments\’!!) As such the actual naming of our Red-faced Malkoha was done by Thomas Pennent who published Indian Zoology in 1769, which announced among other things, the Red-faced Malkoha. From that point onwards the genus \”Phaenicophaeus\” was associated with the newly romanized name; \”Malkoha\” and was used to all these good-looking Malkohas named thereafter.Quite romantic, innit?

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