Little Egret & Pond Heron – Memory at Old Tree

This image of Little Egret and Pond Heron perched at an old teak tree at my backyard will remain in my memory. That Old Teak Tree is now gone. My neighbor chopped it down last Sunday.

Little Egret and Pond HeronThe last picture of old tree – taken on morning 29/11/08

Old Teak TreeThe tree stump is on the opposite side of the stream, but they left the ruin at my backyard. DAMN!

This is what remain today…


  1. Sorry about the tree, that's a bummer. <:(I think your \”pond heron\” might actually be a snowy egret, however. The yellow feet suggest as much, anyway…

  2. Thank ALL for your kind words.My backyard landscape and birding will never be the same without that tree.I always looking up at that tree when I was at the kitchen, washing dishes or some thing. It just a reflex or habit for the past one year. I still automatically look out in that direction, but find the empty space and my heart feel emptiness, oh, oh!The \”petai\” Parkia speciosa tree (where I got a series of Gold-whiskered barbet eating on Flowerpecker) also gone.They did that while I was away at Temerloh at my in-law house and birding.Actually all that trees situated on the river reserve land/government land, and they take the opportunity to clear it off when the contractor clean the river to prevent the flood.

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