Common Iora is always my favourite bird

There are only two yellow birds species here at my backyard;- The Black-naped Oriole and Common Iora. I like this Iora the most, because of its small and cute in size (just 15cm compare to black-naped Oriole 27cm), foraging very near my back door and very challenging to photograph for its constantly on the move. The juvenile feather is so fluffy and adorable. I have been posting this same species for 20 entry in this blog. That is why Common Iora features very prominently at my blog’s Header above.Juvenile Common Iora in full framed at Rambutan tree in Raub MalaysiaThis picture was photographed full framed, ie. no croped and very minimal post-processing done (just 5% increased in colour saturation + the black/gray frame).
It perched about 3-4 meters from my camera, the minimal focusing distance for my 400mm f5.6 L telephoto lenses.


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