Banded Woodpecker

Banded Woodpecker (Picus miniaceus)
Size=25.5cm in length

I heard the loud unfamiliar “kwee-kwee-kwee” sound, quickly took my bin and saw this reddish chestnut colored woodpecker perched at the usual dead teak tree.
On and off it pointed its beak upward and sing that loud voice. My wife said “macam bunyi alarm kereta” (sound like car’s alarm).

Initially though it was Crimson-winged Woodpecker, but after comparing it from the reference books and the Net I decided it is the Banded Woodpecker.

The wings look similar but the crimson have blue eyering which banded don’t have. The back is also deference.

Reference :
1) Birds of South-East Asia – Craig Robson
2) A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore – Morten Strange & Allen Jeyarajasingam.
3) Winged Wonders in Malaysia – Hum Kim Choy.
4) Wikipedia


  1. It\’s hard to believe you have all these exotic creatures at your backyard. Maybe we all should start going around with a pair of binoculars, eh..- commented in melaka BS

  2. tok moh,den nampak kocik je tompek segalo species burung yang tok moh dah \’tangkap\’ gambo tu. Cam tak caya je sebanyak tu species berlainan yang singgah kat SATU tunggul mati tu. Subhanallah! You are able to capture pics of so many different birds and you identified them. Thank you so much for sharing the knowledge. Most of all, for showing that what you have at home can be just as \’big\’ if you commit yourself to it and look for the interesting things with a sharp and discerning \’sight\’. Congratulations tok moh! May God bless you and your family.

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