DeerLand Bukit Rengit, Lancang

Deer with horns
Sambar (rusa) – Cervus unicolor

I have to raised the food (sweet potato) high up, otherwise it will grasp the plastic container.

This young one was left out of the food competition.

“Sang Kancil” – Lesser Mousedeer (Tragulus javanicus)

Firdaus adored the rabbit.

(Struthio camelus)

and Hedgehog (left)

Tame bear, but Firdaus was afraid of it, and touched the bear only briefly for this picture.

Feeding the bear with milk

Beruang, Sun Bear – Helarctos malayanus

This is the smallest of the bears
Blog about this bear- Siew Te Wong’s sun bear journal.

Baby squirrel, ? species

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