Malaysian Cherry Red Centipede

Malaysian Cherry Red Centipede (Scolopendra subspinipes sp. “Cherry Red”)

Red Arrow shows the poison claws or forcipules.
Green Arrow is the posterior end of a centipede has a conspicuous pair of legs named the ultimate or anal legs.

(Reference: Wikipedia)

My wife found this red centipede under the pillow, when she was rolling a bed a few days ago.
My son quickly took a kitchen knife a cut it into pieces. Lucky no one was bitten that night.


  1. Hi!Why are u so cruel to this animal?It also wanna live!This is called \’preemptive\’ strike by the US army. 😉

  2. I was bitten on the right breast on the nipple by a malaysian cherry red centipede. We lived in nanakuli on lualualei naval magazine road on the island of oahu at time of my centipede bite. It felt like hot acid had been poured under my skin and I had a huge red area that grew over a 2 day period. When the pain stopped I had black and blue area by the puncture wounds and felt ill for several days. This centipede was so large! I managed to catch it with my handy centipede tongs and it hung from the tips of my fingers to an inch above my elbow. It was bright cherry red and very agressive. I could hear it crawling on the floor it was so large. This happened about 8 years ago. Just last night I had to do a pre-emptive strike on a centipede that had come out from under a dresser. It was very sickly and looked to be straving and dehydrated. It was flat and lethargic but still capable of biting. It had white legs and a motled brown body. I would like to be able to have an e-pen pal in order to exchange knowledge of these creatures. There are many horses, game cocks, dogs, cats and most importantly kids on this ranch we live on know and I want to be able to identify the species if anyone or any animal is bitten. Here's my email address thank you for your time and attention. Yvette

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