I find this feathers just outside of my front door this morning.
It all scattered around and I arrange it in a rows.
I think the cat tried to catch the bird, and I don’t know whether it success or not. No other evidence, such as blood or other body parts seen.
I had seen a cat caught a fledgling yellow-vented bulbul yew years ago, and I don’t think this feathers are of a bulbul
Anybody know what bird this feathers belong to?.

Most of the feathers are down feathers, except the one on the left-second row, which I think is a contour feathers that shows a yellow-brown with black strike. There are only three small birds that have that brown black color at my backyard.
1. Eurasian Tree Sparrow
2. Yellow-vented Bulbul
3. Common Tailor Bird

I think that feathers match to a Juvenile Tree Sparrow (far left)
Being juvenile or just fledging is and easy target for a cat.

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