Juvenile Munia

Spotted a flocks of this Munia that I have not seen before this evening. Initially thought it were Dusky Munias. I opened the book, but Adult Dusky munia is dark in color.
I search the net, and found that its was a ‘Juvenile Scaly-breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata). I have seen the adult, which are very easy to identify with scaled feathers on white breast.

I look that juveniles munia appear similar to juveniles of other species (ref: here)

‘Juveniles often form their own flocks after leaving their parents, and wander about together’.
(Ref: here) . That why I have not seen that adult within the flocks.

Here the adult that I shot in December 2007.

Image of adult and juvenile together here.
(Oriental birds image) © Supriyo Samanta

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