Common Iora – Feeding – part 2

Common Iora - FeedingIt was raining last night, so this morning the rambutan leaves are all wet. This is a perfect time to shot an iora in action. The butterfly larvae like to eat this rambutan’s leave, and Common Iora will catch it.

They usually forage in pairs, but I only see one iora today

Common Iora - FeedingVery restless and active hunter, so photographing
it is a very challenging job. You must train and follow your big lens as it hop and jump from branch to branch. Manual focus is a must for low morning light and in between leaves subject makes auto-focus crazy.

The Iora catch the larva from the leaf, than bring it to the perch. Then it hit the larva against the perch to subdue it, before swallowing it whole.

Common Iora - Feeding

Now you see, now you don’t!

Link to my previous posting of this iora catching the praying mantis.

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