Nest of Gold-whiskered Barbet

When I was shooting the common myna nest (the hole facing south), a boy said “Pak Cik, sebelah sana pokok ada burung hujau” (Uncle, that side of tree got green birds).
So I graped my gear and rush to the group of boys who pointed to the holes at the northern side of that tree.
Oh boys!, there was six holes here!.
This pictures shows the upper most four holes. There was no active nesting at that holes.

Than one of the boy, took a stone and knocked it to the tree trunk, and this was what I saw – an adult Gold-whiskered Barbet looked out of the hole and flew away.

I did not believe my eye initially that the dead coconut tree in front of my mother-in-law neighbor’s house, has an active nest of three birds species.

A few minutes latter it flew in bringing food to the chick, I fumbled and unable to focus and failed to capture that precious moment -phew!

Only able to get the head and tail section of adult bird.

I have photograph this species a few time at my backyard, with food in it beak ‘here‘.

This photo was taken later at my backyard at Raub, (not at that nest above).
Just to show how the adult look like.

Gold-whiskered Barbet (Megalaima chrysopogon)

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