Nest Update – part 2

I waited again the whole evening for her return, but nothing. Maybe her nest is already completed and no further construction needed.

Than this visitor came in. Like the woodpeckers his morning, this pair of Javan Mynas climbed in and poked their heads into the hole. They got nothing because the nest is empty.

Original Date/Time = 2008:03:02 16:40:38

Than late in the evening I saw this Gold-wiskered Barbet (probably male) perched high up with food in his mouth. He didn’t go down into the hole. He flew off, maybe going to give that food to his girlfriend.
I don’t know what that yellow food in that beak, some kind of fruit or could it be a faecal sac?. The photograph by Nelson Khor here, shows the same yellow thingy. (cropped picture below)

Original Date/Time = 2008:03:02 18:23:48

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