After waiting for more that half an hour, no birds came close to my backyard. Nearly 8:00am, hurry time to go to work. So I took this ripe banana and put it near my back door, about 5 feet from my camera, pre-focused to that banana bunch. I hide behind the door with a shutter release cable in my hand.

Sure enough, this Yellow Vented Bulbul takes a bite. Managed to shoot 5 frames before she heard the camera shutter and flew away.

Looking….., nobody around…

Let’s have a look!

Wow! nice and ripe.

(why not choose the fresh one?)

This type of bird photography is unethical.
We should not feed a wildlife/birds.
But this bird is so abundant around my house and they used to feed with this type of banana (also around my back yard). This banana is ripe and I don’t think have any disease.
Anyway this is the link to Birding Ethics


  1. Laaa… tu kan pisang nak buat bubur berbuka…apsal jadi baiting pulak!!Nasib baiklah madam tak nampak yee..

  2. Hehe! .. tak luak pun!, that bulbul just bite the rotten one. Letak balik dalam bakul. Anyway that banana bukan jadi bubur tapi dah jadi lempeng!

  3. Memang berusahalah Tabib you nak ambil gambar burung. Sempat tu sebelum gi kerja, nyorok balik pintu, umpan burung tu … Wah, your interest in photography and camera ni dah REALLY serious ni. 🙂

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