Bulbul, Myna and Yellow Bird

Yellow vented bulbul searching for food

Yellow vented bulbul staring at my lens


Sitting for half an hour (before going to work!) with Tamron 70-300mm, at ISO 1600.
That is why the pictures are noisy/grainy. Never mind, still learning….
I still not sure what is the name of that yellow bird, “burung punai”?? [not that punailah! ;-)]

Yellow vented bulbul
Pycnonotus goiavier
Merbah Kapur

Common Myna
(Tiong Gembala Kerbau)
Acridotheres tristis

Tiung Sawah -Juvenile

Jungle Myna
(Tiung Sawah)
Acridotheres fuscus

Can you spot the difference from Common Myna?. There is no bare skin around eye,

I got the bird’s name:-
black-naped oriole
Oriolus chinensis
Dendang Selayang/Kunyit Besar

more info

This web site really help me,
(Kong’s Birding Page).

Birding in Malaysia.

Front view & lateral view

Lateral view

Fly away…..


  1. Thanks! This is inetersting page about bird for \’not a bitd lover\’ like me! heheeeI took photos of myna from my balcony – from far I can tell that it\’s a gembala kerbau and the singing tell it soo too.But then when I look closely it\’s a bit different – it\’s so black! Then my friend (in England) and I started looking for different type of myna and we came accross your page. Now I can tell that it\’s \’jungle myna\’ not common myna that I used to play with back then in the village. :))

  2. Dear Redzlan,You\’ve got a great blog. keep it up! I used a couple of your photos of Myna birds in my blog at http://tslr.net about wildlife in Kuala Lumpur(nothing to do with slr cameras!), and you have been credited. I hope you don\’t mind.Thanks.

  3. thank you so much…i found a bird (black-naped oriole) at my garden and its wing seems broken…right now im keeping it inside the house…really thanks to you….

  4. i m feeding a bird (black-naped oriole)…did u knw about the sickness of it??it refuse 2 eat n chirpp..any idea 2 solve diz??

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