SPM Result at SEMSAS

Went to SEMSAS on Monday (12/3/07), accompanied my son to get his SPM result.

Pic shows he is facing the moment of truth!.
But from his smiling face, I know the result is not bad.

Now the result already known, and the euphoria of it have settled down. Now the question, what to do after SPM?

SPM is just the beginning. There is so much more knowledge to embrace. It’s a long way ahead for these school-leavers”.

Showing his result to his mother and younger brother.

One of two top students (straight 10A1) is wearing the glasses.


  1. This year result GPS is 2.47, drop compare to last year. Pengetua, En Abas was very happy to beat SHAH Pekan (he is from Pekan), but SEMESTA Raub and SMART Kuantan are above SEMSAS.Only two students get 10 straight 10A1, also a drop compare to last year.As to my son, 8A (mix of A1 & A2) and 2 B3. I said not bad because his trial exam was hopeless.So, now busy with all those UPU thingy. Internet line is very s-l-o-w and those UPU site jammed!

  2. Is that true? During our time, we beat SMART and other ordinary schools in Kuantan flat. Tak silap only Sekolah Teknik Kuantan yg hampir dgn kita … apa dah jadi SEMSAS ni?

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