Circumcision Mishap

There was reported case of accidental penis amputated from local newspaper yesterday.
Here the report from english paper,
and from malay newspaper

Gland Penis partial or total amputation should not occur if the Medical Assistant or Doctor properly visualize the gland penis (head of penis) during the circumcision procedure.
That why the dorsal slip method is advise compare to guillotine – where the fore skin of penis is cut by knife ala infamous killing technique in France Revolution – (pulling the foreskin forward and cutting off the part extending beyond the glans, the amount of skin removed depends on the tension he exerts).

There are many new technique using clamp of various names.

Our local “Tok Mudim” is using those guillotine method, but I have never heard of amputation complication except for wound infection, bleeding and late wound healing.

Here are another examples of old article from Massachusetts Lawyer’s weekly about circumcision mishap. This is another case.

*** The above picture is a Dorsal-slit-and-side-cuts technique, the amount depends on doctor arbitrary choice of a line. The penis may be left totally bareheaded or partially covered. Working freehand, the doctor may or may not remove the frenulum and will leave a varying amount of the mucous inner lining.

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